What I love

I’ve been admiring the works of Tom Binns for some time now, and I was ecstatic to hear that he was in the midst of completing an Alice in Wonderland-inspired collection. A brilliant jewelry designer plus my favorite cartoon? I knew this had to be great.

Here are my favorite pieces.

The queen’s favorite line.

The ‘Off With Their Heads’ Pendant

Remember how she used to peep into the keyholes?

The all hearts necklace.

They have the earrings too.

The Smashing Time necklace.

I personally would have called it the ‘Happy Unbirthday necklace’, seeing that they sang that same song over and over during the tea party.

The Tea Party bracelet. God i’d like to have this..

And lastly my favorite!!

The Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum bracelet.

It’s gonna be on my wishlist!




I honestly think we should have like, ten days in a week.

These few years have passed by too quickly – no regrets and i’m all happy about it, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could just hold that one moment (0r many moments) for a little longer? Makes appreciation so much better as a process. I used to wish how time would fly faster as I was a child, but now I can’t seem to be able to even grasp and hold a minute. How frustrating! Then, the issue of overall effectiveness would come into my head. Every minute of my time has to be geared towards doing something productive. Well most of my time anyways..i’m human still 🙂 I tend define the term productive very broadly.

So i’ve watched The Soloist a few days back. I’ve always loved the orchestra but man, I’ve never thought very highly of the cello until i watched this movie. I used to play the organ and have been a huge fan of the strings. I’ve unfailingly been a lover of the bass. But the cello, not really.

Wait ’til you see him play.

I cried.

How passionate is passion? Now I wanna take up cello lessons.

I would also love an old school record player. All I have here for you are mere vinyls painted on paper.

A shot of friends Ray & Krys years back. Have we all changed!


I was ecstatic to find more of his work! He’s shot J. Stam here, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts.

Below are a few shots from the Prada Spring 2010 campaign. Gawk at the texture. As commercial as they seem, he still managed to slip in his personal touch into this set.

images via fashiongonerogue

Quite a few have commented on her bad teeth and her clear need for braces, but i beg to differ.

imperfections are what makes one perfect.